About Us

We are a company that cares about your well-being and are doing our part by providing solutions that can make your life better. Our team of nutritionists and researchers devise formulas using the latest in scientific advancements in genetics, biotechnology and anti-aging in order to provide you with the best natural and safe nutrition for your health and for your hair.

How It All Started

Hair Problem

Sheryl, our founder, first experienced hair loss after giving birth to her first child. It got worse when she became pregnant with her second child, to the point where she had to cut her hair short. This saddened her as she really liked her hair long.

Searching For A Solution

The Search For A Solution

The experience drove her to test various hair loss shampoos and tonics found in the market, to find out what actually worked best. She found that not all products are effective. What worried her more was that a lot of products contain drugs and other artificial substances. She questioned whether these substances are really good for the hair.

Healthy Hair Again

I Got My Hair Back!

It was nearly a year later that Sheryl met Jean, a nutritionist, who impressed on her that health and beauty starts from within. Sheryl took this advice to heart and now her hair is flourishing again and her health showed marked improvements. To Sheryl, the best solution to good hair is from just using a good shampoo; but this must be accompanied by the right oral supplements.

We Created Aether

Now You Can Have Your Hair Back Too

Now Sheryl is driven to share her solution with others with problems similar to hers. The formula is now known as Aether.

Happy Hair

Try It Today & Feel The Difference

Aether benefits not only people with hair issues such as thinning hair, dry and frizzy hair, and oily scalp, they also result in healthy skin and improved energy levels and overall health.

Say ‘Yes’ to renewed vigour and zest for life today.